Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday Linkblogging

[The report] found minorities own 20 percent of the nation’s franchises and women 25 percent. ... Because of their established business models, franchises tend to be less risky than starting a company from scratch. Despite what can be six-figure startup costs, funding usually is easier to find for franchises than for startups because banks view them as a safer bet.

In addition to an upfront fee, franchise owners pay subsequent fees for advertising and other support. They usually pocket 1 percent to 10 percent of a store’s profits.

But the extra costs are often worth it because franchises offer a proven system. Survival-rate statistics vary widely and are often distorted, but the general consensus among business experts is that franchises have a better chance of making it than do independent startups.
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It is no longer just a rumor that women have become major players in the U.S. workforce and in the global business environment. More and more women are traveling overseas to conduct business for their corporations or for their own business ventures.

Despite these significant advances of women in International business we still find commercial guidebooks that suggest that women should not be in International business. Most books in this genre were written by men and either do not address womens particular issues in international business or, worse, they suggest that women should not even be sent on foreign business assignments due to role differences which these men perceive to be unconquerable obstacles. In contrast, my own research (1992, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998) indicates that women can and are successful in international business, despite the variety of viewpoints they encounter around the world. Specifically, my research has demonstrated that establishing credibility during the initial stages of business is one area that businesswomen find critical to their success.
Get your camera! Make your business a star. Tell us what stocking stuffer you want. Upload your video on YouTube(TM) where Santas everywhere can see it. But make it nice please and not naughty.

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