Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Linkblogging: Women Entrepreneurs

Many business owners, online especially, are showing that the definition of a truly successful business owner is one that is creating wealth, but not at the expense of his/her conscious, values, interests, belief system, etc.
An impressive list of government agencies and international companies use Forensic Pathways' techniques to uncover serious risk, crime and threats. Her company is spearheading advanced forensic analytics, which is increasing in importance in a global climate of concern over identity, terrorism, money laundering, fraud and national/international security at all levels. Deborah is a key supporter of cross border data sharing and knowledge flow between international government and private organisations.
a resource site for all busy mums- it is home to Ireland’s first podcast show for Mums and also to the Daily Planner for Mums on the Go. We recently held our first day-long workshop for Mums, with our second workshop to run in early December!
1. Stay connected to your desire and have a clear picture in mind of exactly what you want to create.
2. Especially if you're a home-based woman entrepreneur, GET ON THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR DOOR!
3. Always nurture your femininity and continually bring out the Queen in you.
4. Receive support spiritually and psychologically
5. Stay connected to friends and colleagues overseas.
6. Get active
7. Be your own best friend.
There are great resources sprinkled throughout the post, so go check it out!

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