Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Open Air Marketplace Attracts Visitors from All Over Concord

Author: Guest blogger, Mechthild von Knobelsdorff, SuccessLink Fellow

Sharon Plousha selling her delicious cookie
Sharon Plousha could not even take a small break – she had just celebrated her graduation from Women's Initiative's Simple Steps program the evening before when she sold her own cookies at the Open Air Market Place in Concord. She was one of 22 local women to exhibit the products of her local business. The range of products was accordingly broad. Visitors could buy products as diverse as sweets, wine, jewelry, special barbecue sauce or a photographer's service. Entering one of the rows of nicely decorated stands, they could already smell the beautiful bees wax candles Jan Schubert crafted. On the other side, Perry's Catering helped to keep bellies full and minds happy as the time passed by. Visitors lined up to taste some of the barbecue and potato salad prepared by the graduate. The next stand invited visitors to enjoy delicious desert of fruit salad and Mexican ice creams.

Barbeque from Perry's Catering

People from all over Concord came to attend this special event, and business people around Water World California used their lunch break to buy a nice gift for Mother's Day, wander around, and eat something. They enjoyed the experience of the market as all vendors were extremely friendly and they had the special feeling that their money would stay in their community. Moreover, the sun broke its way through the morning clouds and warmed people's souls. For Jan's bees wax candles, it almost got too hot, causing them to sweat slightly. “This will give them a nice polish tomorrow,” Jan said.

Jan Schubert's beeswax candles
Surprisingly for many visitors, the open air marketplace was the first of its kind. Very well organized and well attended, the event was a huge success. Sharon sold almost all of her cookies. Her new clients are surely waiting for the next market place already.


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