Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Inside View of Women’s Initiative (Part 2)

By, Guest Blogger, Arriel Sherman, Marketing/Events Fellow

In my last blog post, I told you about my experience as a Women’s Initiative client.  Today, I want to share my experience of being part of the Fellowship program at Women’s Initiative.  I am in my last stretch of my Fellowship and have gained so much knowledge and appreciation for Women’s Initiative by being in the office these past 12 weeks. I have witnessed the hard work and dedication that the staff and volunteers have in order to sustain a positive growth in the microenterprise community. Each position is integral to the success of the Women’s Initiative and ALAS clients. When Julie Castro Abrams, CEO of Women’s Initiative, attended the company-wide meetings out of the Oakland office I was able to admire her success and bask in the wisdom she shared.
On a more personal note, I have changed during this experience. I have learned the importance of being humble as well as becoming a strong advocate for oneself and for others. By researching and writing Success Stories about our graduates, conducting Business Status Updates, and helping to plan the 10th Annual Fundraising Gala, I have acquired skills that I had not expected. This experience has inspired me to uplift members of my community. I believe that joy and success should be tangible for everyone, especially in their own ways. So, if I can help others to feel as I do, that would mean a lot to me. As I sat at my desk for three months, I could hear the progression of women’s ideas in the adjacent conference room and that alone keeps me motivated to support Women’s Initiative as well as motivated to continue my own entrepreneurial journey. The stories and laughter that was shared among these groups of women, has made me reminisce about my 12-week experience during the Simple Steps course. These snapshots of my hard work and perseverance, have propelled me to aggressively strive toward owning and opening my lounge in the Bay Area.  
Lastly, my goals going forward are to extend my Fellowship with Women’s Initiative so that I can continue to work with the Marketing Communications Director in preparation for the 10th Annual Gala in May. I’ll also continue my connection to Women’s Initiative as a graduate of the program by attending the Gala as a Graduate Ambassador and access networking events. In addition to this, I plan to seek an advanced degree in business in the Fall of 2013. I have plans to center my concentration of study in entrepreneurship, marketing, or management. I am excited about my future endeavors and will continue to prepare for the amazing road ahead of me.
I hope that my story has inspired you to become involved as a volunteer with Women’s Initiative where your voice and experience is respected and much appreciated. Your assistance will help graduates become even stronger as women entrepreneurs in our local community.

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