Friday, November 9, 2007

Gender Issues Aren't Just About Women

By: Elizabeth de Renzy, Women's Initiative Researcher and Data Analyst

I found this post by Kathy Marshack on American Chronicle from our linkblog last month a little ... fluffy?
Marshack dicusses why "Women Business Owners Are Not Always Taken Seriously."
Women are not always taken seriously when it comes to running a business. I don't think that people are discriminating because of gender necessarily. It's probably more because they don't know how to relate to women business owners. Women have different values and these values are showing up in how women design their businesses.
I found the post a little hard to respond to because it had no focus in respect to issues and prescriptions. In addition, I felt a little annoyed by the lack of anything more substantial than anecdotal evidence.
It did make me wonder in a (disappointed) way, however, why the mainstream dialog on gender issues continues to focus on women. I don’t see how we can expect any real social change until we realize that gender inequality isn’t just women’s problem.

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Michael N.M. said...

Cheers to that, sister! I was always dismayed at Berkeley for having a "women's studies" program instead of a "gender studies" one...

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