Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Women's Initiative in the SF Chronicle


Joan Miro said...

I still have the Chronicle article in my hands. It was like manna from heaven to open my door on Sunday and pick up the paper to see "Helping Women Grow a Business" staring me in the face. How could I not read it when I've been 'trying' to get a business going for over a decade and only succeeded in getting into debt because of my venture ignorance. It was a great article and I thank Patricia Yollin for her organizational writing abilities. And thank you, Julie Castro Abrams for initiating such a concept. That must have been groundbreaking two decades ago.

Original Post: February 20, 2008 at 07:31 AM

Claire said...

Joan, thanks for your comment! Julie has been driving our period of remarkable growth for the past five or six years, but it was Paulette Meyer who founded the organization.

We owe both of them our gratitude!

Original Post: February 20, 2008 at 11:22 AM

Shera Angelina said...

Undoubtedly a fantastic article and great PR for an organization that has been empowering women for so many years.

What has been very disappointing for many of us in the non-profit sector is the lack of mention of other "partners" that have contributed to Women's Initiative for Self-Employment, that offer complimentary services, or that have referred our clients to your agency.

I think Women's Initiative for Self-Employmet is suffering from growing pains right now. In their recent recruitment efforts for part time trainers at their new locations, they failed to even call back or acknowledge the many professionals who presented and interviewed with them.

We don't need any more giants out there, but rather organizations who in the spirit of service and in alignment with what they stand for, acknowledge, inspire and collaborate with their professional peers and agencies.

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Smart Women said...

Congratulations on the accomplishment!

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