Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Linkblogging: Business Tips

  • This may be the last thing on your mind, but a recent WaPo article on Women business owners selling their businesses suggests you should be thinking about it now. A Center for Women's Business Research study found differences in how women and men business owners deal with selling their businesses and recommends:
    • Run a business every day as if it is for sale.
    • Be aware of your goals and parameters by knowing what is acceptable for you in a sale.
    • Don't publicize prematurely to employees and others that could be affected that you're considering a sale. When you're ready to sell, be decisive.
    • Get buyers' promises in writing and find a buyer who shares your vision. Include conditions of the business and the sale in the sales documents.
    • Develop your own investment and insurance portfolio separate from the business.
  • The Orange County Register has an article on sexual harrassment in small businesses. The article makes the point that a small business can't absorb the costs of a sexual harrassment suit like a corporation can, and that just because you haven't heard any complaints, that doesn't mean that harrassment isn't happening right under your nose. Their advice:
    • Have a clearly stated policy against sexual harassment
    • Widely publicize it and rigorously implement it
    • Promptly follow up on all complaints

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