Friday, September 14, 2007

A Self-Made Woman

By: Quela Mikell, Women's Initiative Graduate

A self-made woman is a woman that has to hit the ground running daily.

She has to accept the good with the bad. She has to make split decisions at a moment's notice. A kind of superwoman that goes unnoticed making her way out of no way. Taking care of her family and self and yes, sometimes in that order.

She is a woman with a big heart and with every breath believes her motivation comes from the love and commitment she possesses for the lives she affects. Driven at times, kind at others, peaceful the next, wanting, needing, also scared, even feeling stuck, she manages to keep moving because she is in the making.

There are more and more of us as time and the economic climate pursues, a very necessary infusion into the global world coming. So if you know of one of this special kind of women, or this description fits you, help her, support her, and be kind.

Because as she reaches her goal I promise she will not disappoint. because she is self-made, saying to other women and girls, "Yes you can be your own heart's desire, have what you want, if you are willing to do what it takes.

I'm back!

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Women's Initiative for Self-Employment said...

thanks for the inspiration, Quela!

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