Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday Linkblogging

  • This recent article in Vermont's Rutland Herald points to a new organization in Florida called Jane Out of the Box, an online, membership-based community "created exclusively for women entrepreneurs." Check it out: there are discussion boards, tools and templates to use, business spotlights, and multimedia resources. You can also find that all-important business mentor on the site!
The Rutland Herald article quotes "Jane" founder Michele DeKinder-Smith about the importance of mentorship:
What happens is, you've got this great talent, and you start a business, and you don't necessarily know how to do all the other things associated with being a business owner. You may be a great systems expert, but you may not know how to create a marketing campaign, you may not know how to manage payroll.

You need to learn that stuff somewhere, and a lot of entrepreneurs learn it strictly by trial and error . But you get there faster if you're able to learn from other entrepreneurs, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time.
  • The has an article about women business owners networking site Membership is free and members can find help with business plans, loans, promotions and marketing, as well as networking online with corporations and government contracting entities.
The article quotes's founder, Christina Blenk, on why her site is needed:
I saw men had the golf course; we were really outside that circle. I thought, why not use the Internet to get women to talk to one another and be each other's resources?"
Check out the bottom of the article for other resources, including funding tips for women entrepreneurs, and how to balance career and family.
A new Bizjournals study has the answer. It puts the San Francisco-Oakland area at the top of the national rankings, followed by other high-profile urban centers such as Washington, New York City and Los Angeles, and the smaller college town of Madison, Wis.
So Women's Initiative clients are perfectly placed!

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