Friday, May 18, 2007

Meet Quela Mikell

 This Blog is directed to anyone thinking of starting a business with little or no resources.

Hi my name is Quela Mikell and I am the owner of a retail business called Royal Jewelz Designs. I came up with this name because I love what I do, designing clothes. And when a client works with me I have gift of making that person feel they are my only client.
It is my goal from the beginning to create a garment so special, it will be my client's favorite piece of clothing. Also being skilled at what I do helps a lot too. So that's my motvation for doing what I do.

Now I have several questions for you Mr. or Ms. blog reader. What are you skilled at? What do you love to do? What is your dream business?

This is my story in short form. I always dreamed of having a business of my own, however did not believe little ole inadequate me, who always lived under the poverty line, could do it. Who would listen to me? Or take me serious?

Nonetheless I made a promise to myself to start and not give up midstream just because things get rough. Starting with no money--yes I said NO Money--and very little business skills, now here 5 years later I am at 80%--only 20% away from reaching my dream.

You might think is that all you done in all that time ? I'm proud to say yes because remember this is the short version. Sorry, you may have to wait for the book to get the whole story.
In the meantime some thoughts to ponder over. Thinking about what kind of business you should go in is like dating. Use your imagination, see your self doing the business. Then see what it is you like about it. DO you love what you're doing ? Are you passionate about the choice you have made? What can YOU do to make the business stand out from others that are doing the same business? And above all are you skilled and or knowledgeable about your business? Being resourceful does help however, you can and will learn to be if you intend to stay in business. That's just part of the relationship.

If you have these major components in place then jump in, get married, because it is just that strong of a commitment. Give it your all because there is nothing like having your own. Living well on the income you made for yourself and your family, contributing to the community and God love 'em paying taxes!

That's all for now. Talk to you soon.



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