Friday, June 25, 2010

Job Creation Through Microenterprise

Women's Initiative has released a new research paper on “Job Creation through Microenterprise Development.”

The research shows that our training support program is a proven method of job creation. In 2009, when major corporations were downsizing and announcing layoffs, Women’s Initiative graduates created 2,244 jobs. Other highlights of the research include:

·Nine in ten clients are employed or self-employed twelve months after training.
·More than six in ten are self-employed twelve months after training.
·One year after training more than one in ten clients provided part-time, full-time, temporary and contract jobs for others.
·Five years after training, more than one in five provided jobs for others, with an average of nearly two jobs provided for others per client.
·For every 100 women who receive training, an average of 245 local jobs are created and retained five years after graduation.
·With an average cost of $1,525 per woman served, a $1 million investment in Women’s Initiative’s programs would result in 132 new jobs being created within 12 months and a total of 480 new jobs in five years.

Congratulations to the strong clients of Women's Initiative who are having a significant impact on the Bay Area economy!

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